Painting Joan of Arc with Donato Giancola

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600 years ago a girl was born who would alter the course of history...

Sit at the right elbow of a highly recognized master of classical realism while he creates a masterwork oil painting - from concepts to final glazes.

In this film, Donato provides step by step narration as he creates a dynamic portrait of , from initial abstract concepts, reference gathering,  detailed preliminary drawing, and onto the final application of oil paint and mediums. His extensive professional knowledge and intimate trade methods provide the viewer rare insight into how to create a complex and detailed narrative work of art all the while sharing artistic insights into the lifestyle of being a figurative painter.

Join the creative journey.

4+ hours in length.

Download as two videos.


  • Intro
  • Research
  • Sketching
  • Actors
  • Drawing
  • Underpainting
  • Oil Setup
  • The Hand
  • Joan's Portrait
  • Glazing
  • The Noble
  • Blocking
  • Clergyman
  • Assessment
  • More Hands
  • The Armor
  • Second Glaze
  • Additional Details
  • Controlling Values
  • Coffee Break
  • Final Elements
  • Finish

"It's difficult to talk about the art of Donato Giancola and remain objective. Despite the best intentions to be analytical and coldly disaffected when standing in front of his is simply not possible. There is so much passion, so much depth, and so much truth in Donato's paintings that the viewer can't help but get caught up in the stories his works tell. Simply put, among contemporary narrative artists, Donato Giancola is a master. Watching him paint "Joan of Arc" merely drives home that fact."

-Arnie & Cathy Fenner/Directors: Spectrum Fantastic Art

As one of the world's most recognized and awarded Imaginative Realist artists, Donato shares his passion of figurative arts not only through his unique body of oil paintings and drawings, but also inspires future generations through teaching at the Illustration Master Class, the School of Visual Arts, and online through the SmArt School, as well as lecturing and exhibiting at various institutions, seminars, and conventions worldwide.

This online store provides access to Donato’s printed and original art, as well as educational videos.

Donato is currently engaged with series works on the themes of empathetic robots, astronauts, commercial cover commissions, and continued explorations within Middle-earth and other inspired worlds.

For more on Donato's Art visit his website:

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Painting Joan of Arc with Donato Giancola

11 ratings
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